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Nagrobki galanteria wazony krzyże Kamieniarstwo budowlane obsługa importu z chin
Kamienne - tablice, szyldy informacyjne, wizytowniki Tablice pamiątkowe grawerowane w granicie kontakt



Nagrobki z tradycją

All our products and services are under warranty!



We make an offer of haberdashery such as:


Wrought granite images:

- of people or any motive – crude or coloured



- wrought – crude, glided, plated, covered with platin on granite, marble surface or any stone.

- brass

- stainless steel


Granite plaques of different sizes and forms. Renovation of gravestones (replenish with colour, calk)





We produce wrought portraits of:

- Jesus, the Mother of God, Angels, the Saints,

- crucifixes, floral motives,

- client’s projects.



Decorative features:

- crucifixes, floral motives,

- bronze, brass ornaments,

- stainless steel ornaments,

- motives of Jesus, the Mother of God, Angels, the Saints engraved in stone,





The whole range f the most famous, world famous producers:


- brass and stainless steel



- Crucifixes, Passions, Roses, Angels, Lanterns, Figures and many others.





- gravestones’ renovation based on dust-free machines

- we carry out the repair of hollow gravestones

- bas-relief and gravestone relief, free-standing from the catalogue

- marble sculptures made of: granite, marble, sandstone

- stapling, covering open gravestones with flowerbeds




We provide service:


- demolition of old gravestones,

- rebuilding of caves – bricklaying and deepening of graves

- surface hardening around the gravestone and its arrangement:

Baum sett stone, dark or light granite sett stone

different size granite slab

folding granite bench

- renovation of old terrazzo gravestones

- exchanging old plaques for new granite ones

- works according to client’s project


We offer following products:


- ornaments, decorations

- steps (stairs) and risers

- windowsills

- elevation plates, 2-3 cm siding

- tops

- table tops, work surface, shop tops, bar tops

- flag stones, stone floor

- kerb (stone), granite sett stone

- columns

- balusters

- sculptures

- figures

- bas-relief

- altars, sacred sculptures


We also offer:


- building elements according to the project

an offer directed to property developer companies.

- exclusive company signboards made of granite, marble,

- occasional information boards

- memorial plaques

granite, marble, with memorial inscription, with images, drawings, company’s logo.