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If you decide on our service, you do not have to worry about containers transport, loading, embarkation, custom clearance and other formal issues connected with its delivery. We will do it for you from beginning to end.

For people interested with making an offer we prepared a chart which shows average capacity of a container.

We want to remark that we transport stone only in 20 containers with weight no more than 24 tonnes.

Commission for a full container of stone is the most frequent solution chosen by our clients. It gives the most reasonable agreement

1cm 900m2

2cm 450m2

3cm 300m2

4cm 200m2

5cm 160m2

6cm 130m2

7cm 110m2

9cm 100m2

10cm 80m2

Our service consists of: loading, safe transport and all formality connected with customs clearance or delivery.

It is no wonder that commission for a full container of stone is the most frequent solution for our clients. In stone trade a great amount of material allows to negotiate the best price. That is why ordering one or more containers you can be sure that the price will be the most advantageous.

Ordering a full container makes the transport safer and cheaper when it comes to m2 of stone.

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