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Wrought letters generate unlimited possibility of pattern-designing and writing style. Professional workmanship makes it unique. These letters looks beautifully and make the gravestone elegant. Our trump are also budget prices and short term of realization.

Letters can be covered with 23 3/4 carat gold, silver, platinum or coloured with special paints (golden, silver, black, white).

Example drawing of granite wrought letters (V cros-section)

Example photo of granite wrought letters (V cros-section)

We make different shape and size letters. Example of crude colour letters.

Wrought letters have 3D depth which improves visibility and aesthetics of the inscription. Those letters do not change the colour as it happens with sandblasted letters.

Sandblasted letters in cross-section will always be flat regardless of depth of sandblasted inscription. They are less readable than wrought letters.

The photo above presents wrought letters

The photo above presents sandblasted letters

The photo below presents wrought letters covered with 23 3/4 carat gold